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My latest video production projects

I’ve been really getting in to video production lately and I wanted to show you a couple of videos I completed recently. They are both for Ourzone Magazine and I used the Canon 550d with a 50mm 1.8 lens.

Ourzone FOUND Tour 2013 Official Video Highlights

I went on the whole Ourzone tour back in April and filmed each night to gather lots of footage to make this video. It features pieces from each of the touring fans and we wanted to use this video to give fans who went something to look back on and to show people who couldn’t make it what they missed.

I was very pleased with the final video and I tried a new editing technique to re-colour some of the footage. I used Photoshop to enhance clips before I used them in Premiere. I found the results of this to be very good but it wasn’t without its problems. I had a torrid time with Photoshop crashes for longer clips and I will do all of my colour correction in Premiere from now on!

Another issue with this video is the sound level/quality on some of the interviews. We could really do with an external microphone to help improve this for future shoots.

Love. Regret. Forgive. Forget – The First (The Making Of)

Below is the second video I wanted to share with you. We headed over to Wisbech to film this behind the scenes video for The First.

I loved editing this video because the boys in the band are such good fun to be with. I did all of the colour correction inside Premiere this time and I’m delighted with the result. I used the Three Way Color Corrector & Tints effects to achieve this.

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